Character Development and Life Skills

This component of Empowerment is centered around classes and activities to enhance a program participant’s understanding of who they are and who they want to become. When building a bridge between goals and achievement. There are resources, skills planning and most importantly confidence needed to promote success. These activities include Goal positioning system, Self-Inventory Checklist, Communicating to Solutions and self-expression of self.

Occupational Skills
Partnerships with vocational training that provides the most diverse training menu to match sustained placements including soft petty trading, apprenticeship, and counseling.

Cultural Enrichment
This component of Empowerment is driven by the them “Positive exposure saves lives” All program participants are offered classroom external activities that are designed to be informative and/or expressive cultural enrichment. This includes Music and Art appreciation and Museum tours, Pure traditional activities, Poetry and debate.

Community Development

Strong communities are built by strong individuals.  As we empower our program participants to map out their individual goals, we also have them identify issues, successes, strategies, and stakeholders to improve their communities.  Each month, youths are required to complete one community impact project they have identified to address a need in their locale.  Community impact includes park beautification, market cleaning, street and other service-learning activities.

Here are our on-going Project Initiative

-  Knowledge Center Renovations

- Career development

- Basic necessities

PurePath also work with local organization offers services to meet basic human needs so our homeless and at-risk neighbors can rebuild their lives.